Ms. CHAK Suet Ching, Rosanne


Senior Lecturer

Office: RHB413

Phone: 2804 8536


Academic Qualifications

  • MPAcc (Master in Professional Accounting), Jinan University, PRC
  • MSc(Management Science), The Victoria University of Manchester
  • Business Administration, Hong Kong Shue Yan College

Professional Qualifications

Associate member, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), UK, 
Ordinary member, The Association of Hong Kong Accountants

Public Lecture to Professional

"港商到內地投資的基本稅務問題"  16 January 2015. Organizer: Institute of Financial Accountants in Hong Kong
"PRC Corporate Tax Update 2015"  30 July 2015, Organizer: Accounting Development Foundation 
Areas of Interest
  • Management Accounting
  • China Accounting 
  • China Taxation, Hong Kong Taxation and cross-border tax planning
  •  PRC economic development, foreign direct investment (FDI), financing

Courses Taught

  • ACCT 100 Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 101  Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 130  Management Information Systems
  • ACCT 201-2  Intermediate Accounting
  • ACCT 210 Cost and Management Accounting
  • ACCT320  Advanced Management Accounting
  • ACCT330 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCT 411-2 Management Accounting
  • ACCT420  Hong Kong Taxation
  • ACCT440  Accounting for Management Control and Decision Making
  • ACCT490  Accounting System in China
  • ACCT495  China Taxation
  • BUS 100 Introduction to Business
  • BUS 200 Business Organization and management
  • BUS 408 Organizational Behavior

Lectures to Exchange Students from Taiwan

"The Tax Issues of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China",  summer 2013 to 2016


Suet Ching Chak & Heidi Fung (2015). Exploring the Effectiveness of Blended Learning in Cost and Management Accounting: An Empirical Study. In W.W.K. Ma, A.H.K. Yuen, J. Park, W.W.F. Lau, & L. Deng (Eds.). New Media, Knowledge Practices and Multiliteracies, HKAECT 2014 International Conference. (pp. 189-203). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.

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(“The Analyses of Success and Failure of Two Chinese Historical Leaders by Using Western Management Theories”, Shue Yan Academic Journal 2001, P.145-176, jointly written by CHAK Suet Ching and CHAN Wing Fung)

〈《周易》的危機管理〉, 樹仁學報2000, 第184 – 196 頁。ISBN962-8719-02-5。

(“Learning Risk Management from an Old Chinese Literature ‘I Chin’ “, Shue Yan Academic Journal 2000, P. 184-196)


(“The Experience of Hong Kong Shipping Industry and its Cooperation with China”, The Strategy of Service Industry in Hong Kong and China, 2000, P.391-399.)

〈中港運輸業的優勢及挑戰〉, 經濟與法律雙月刊, 2000年4月號, 第 22 – 23 頁。 ISSN:1011-9108。

(“The Advantages and Challenges to the Industry of Transport between Hong Kong and China”, The Economic and Law Bi-monthly Journal, April 2000, P.22-23.)


 Conference Paper

Suet Ching Chak, An Economical Research on the Relationship between Sources of Financing and Economic Growth in China,  International conference"Recent Development in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics" organized by Hong Kong Shue Yan University, 18 July 201

Working Experience in Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Company Secretary

Accounting Manager 3 years - Midland Reality Limited

Accountant 5 years - Comalco Fabricators (HK) Limited