Minor Programme in Accounting

** Completion of the Minor Programme will not lead to the same professional recognition as students who complete the programmes as major.
Why Take Accounting as a Minor?
  •       broaden personal horizons on accounting necessary for real business interactions
  •       develop capability with accounting skills in the big-data business world 
  •       enhance interdisciplinary knowledge by including accounting for future career planning
What is the Objective of the Minor in Accounting Programme?

Upon completion of this programme, students are expected to be able to:

  • demonstrate understanding of fundamental knowledge and skills in specific accounting disciplines
  • apply analytical skills to solve business problems in the context of accounting environment
  • utilize accounting principles and techniques for financial statement analysis and business decision-making
  • engage in accounting related tasks and communicate effectively with accounting professionals  
Course List of Minor Programme
Students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits by choosing courses from the list below:
Code Course Credits Pre-requisite(s)
ACCT101* Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3 Nil
ACCT201 Intermediate Financial Accounting I 3 ACCT101
ACCT202 Intermediate Financial Accounting II 3 ACCT201
ACCT210* Cost and Management Accounting I 3 ACCT101
ACCT300 Advanced Financial Accounting 3 ACCT202
ACCT310 Auditing 3 ACCT201
ACCT320 Cost and Management Accounting II 3 ACCT210
ACCT330 Accounting Information Systems 3 ACCT101,ACCT130#
Total Credits 24  

* Students with a grade of B- or above for ACCT100 Financial Accounting are eligible for exemption from  taking ACCT101. Students with a grade of B- or above for ACCT200 Cost and Management Accounting are eligible for exemption from taking ACCT210. 

# ACCT130 will be offered as a free elective. Students declaring the intention to pursue the Minor in Accounting will be given priority for taking ACCT130.

Possible Major-Minor Combinations
Major Minor Related Careers
Applied Data Science Accounting Data scientist / Business consultant
Business Administration Accounting Company accountant / Business consultant
Economics and Finance Accounting Treasurer / Corporate finance and accounting staff / Financial analyst
Fin Tech Accounting Treasurer / Financial analyst
Law and Business Accounting Company Secretary