Minor Programme in Accounting

** Completion of the Minor Programme will not lead to the same professional recognition as students who complete the programmes as major.
Students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits by choosing courses from the list below:
Code Course Credits Pre-requisite(s)
ACCT101* Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3 Nil
ACCT201 Intermediate Financial Accounting I 3 ACCT101
ACCT202 Intermediate Financial Accounting II 3 ACCT201
ACCT210* Cost and Management Accounting I 3 ACCT101
ACCT300 Advanced Financial Accounting 3 ACCT202
ACCT310 Auditing 3 ACCT201
ACCT320 Cost and Management Accounting II 3 ACCT210
ACCT330 Accounting Information Systems 3 ACCT101,ACCT130#
Total Credits 24  

* Students with a grade of B- or above for ACCT100 Financial Accounting are eligible for exemption from  taking ACCT101. Students with a grade of B- or above for ACCT200 Cost and Management Accounting are eligible for exemption from taking ACCT210. 

# ACCT130 will be offered as a free elective. Students declaring the intention to pursue the Minor in Accounting will be given priority for taking ACCT130.