Programme Features

l Programme aiming at producing students with professional competence (departmental courses) and humanistic concerns (general education courses) for whole-person development

l Newly renovated programme structure and curriculum for the ever-changing business environment (Assurance and Attestation Services and Practice, Accounting Control Systems and Case Analysis, Workshop in Spreadsheet Skills for Statistical Analysis etc.)

l  Niche in a subfield of accounting with future career prospects

Professional Accounting Stream Corporate Accounting and Finance Stream
Accounting Control Systems and Case Analysis Advanced Corporate Finance
Assurance and Attestation Services and Practice Derivatives and Financial Markets
Financial Statements and Business Valuation Financial Statements and Business Valuation
Topics in Financial Reporting Investment Management

l Emphasis on Information Technology and Big Data with innovative course structure and content by incorporating software into courses:

Courses related to IT/Big data/ Software applications
Managing Business Information Systems and Applications
Business Analytics and Statistics
Workshop in Spreadsheet Skills for Statistical Analysis
Systems Analysis and Design
Assurance and Attestation Services and Practice
Computer Applications in Accounting
Writing Your First Apps Using Python Programs*
Predicting Human Behavior with Big Data*
Raising Your Productivity with Excel VBA*
Digitalization of Communication and Technology in Daily Life*
International Communication in Digital Age*

*GE programme

l  Professional internship opportunities specifically from audit/accounting firms

- Pre-internship workshops and information seminar are provided to students to enhance students’ application status

Interested students who obtain an internship position can enroll in this 3-credit course and complete it with assistance from both supervisor and academic advisor

l Substantial course exemptions from professional organizations, qualifying graduates for taking local and overseas professional examinations with reduced number of papers: 

        Australia: CPA Australia, CMA Australia

       Hong Kong: HKICPA, HKICS

       United Kingdom: ACCA, AIA, CIMA

 l  Very high employment rate of graduates within 3 months of graduation: 95% (90%) for 2017 (2018) graduates

 l  Encouragement of overseas exchange by ex-ante planning of target university and course taking plan prior to the exchange  to enhance students’ academic profile and ensure their on-time graduation

 l  Students obtained exchanges to internationally famous universities and/or awarded excellent course grades from the exchange

 l  Academic Advisor for each accounting student for academic consultation

 l  Scholarships from various organizations and professional bodies

    Hong Kong government (Reaching-Out Awards under HKSAR SPSS 自資專上獎學金計劃), HKICPA QP Scholarships, Distinction Award from CPA Australia, Outstanding Student of CPA Australia

l   Active participation in professional competition and extracurricular activities

- 2018 Cross-boundary Study Tour for Post-secondary Financial Talents: 2 out of 32 students worked as an intern in Big 4 CPA firms, Shanghai branch2018滬港金融專業大學本科生交流及考察計畫」 (香港共32名學生參與, 本系2名學生於四大會計師事務所上海分所實習)

- 2018 Youth Ambassadors of the Commission of Youth through 20A YA Programme

- Deloitte China tax championship

- EY Academy Cadet and tax comptition

- HKICPA QP case competition

- Tax debate (by The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong) 

Campus career talks by HKICPA, ACCA, CPA Australia etc.

 l  Courses for preparation of professional CPA examination of China (CICPA)

 l  Offering of minor in Accounting programme